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A woman helping a child with a laptop

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a form of behavior therapy that works on breaking down tasks and goals into steps, and utilizing positive reinforcement to help children master and develop a variety of tools. It is a commonly used therapy for children with Autism.

We look to integrate our brain health model into our programming, focusing on various factors that may impact a child, including diet, sleep, exercise, outdoor time, and mindfulness.

At Behaved Brain, a licensed behavior analyst will do an initial intake and gather background information, as well as run applied behavioral analysis assessments that will help a certified behavioral specialist take a baseline reading or current level of functioning. After working with families to set goals and programs, we will have our private ABA therapists or paraprofessionals work with you and your child in-home to master skills and work through our programs.

Often ABA therapy programming is done at a table or quiet place to help children attend and focus, but our child behavior analysts work hard on generalizing to the natural environment, carrying through goals through plan and community outings when appropriate. We believe strongly that including parents and families in behavioral analysis therapy programs, and training will help children reach their goals.

Because we believe in the team approach as the ideal way to help children learn and grow, you will be provided with your own program coordinator to help navigate team meetings, questions, or concerns between treatment providers.