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Comprehensive evaluations assessing cognitive ability, academic achievement and performance, and social and emotional development have become increasingly important for children and families to assess. To support the need for cognitive and academic testing, Behaved Brain now offers a variety of psycho-educational testing services. Our staff of psychologists is available to perform various reliable and norm-referenced standardized psychoeducational assessments. Measurements will be determined by staff psychologists based on an individualized basis, reason for referral and areas of concern.

Cognitive assessments:

  • Psychological Assessment- To measure the child’s intellectual ability, cognitive assessments measure an individual’s global capacities including general thinking and reasoning skills. The intelligence test results are best seen as predicting performance in school and reflecting the degree to which a person has mastered information that is often culturally dependent. Possible assessments: WISC-V, WJ-IV, WPPSI-IV, WAIS-IV,  etc. 
  • Educational Assessments-  Measures are used to assess academic achievement/ ability in reading, math, writing and oral language. Possible  assessments: WJ IV, WIAT-IV,  KTEA-3, etc.  
  • Social / Emotional Rating Scales- A variety of assessments are also used to identify behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Integrated measures are designed to facilitate the diagnosis of a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders in children, including anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other possible diagnoses. Possible assessments- BASC-3, Conners 3rd Edition, BRIEF, CEFI, RCMAS, CDI-2, etc. 

Specific psychological educational assessment tests may be available upon request.

Please contact our staff for further information.