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Cognitive ability, education, and performance have become increasingly more important for children and families to assess. To help reach the need for academic testing and support, Behaved Brain now offers a variety of psycho educational testing services. Our staff of psychologists is available to perform a variety of psychoeducational assessment including, but not limited to:

Cognitive assessments:
  • BASC-III: Used to identify behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses.
  • WIAT III: Used to assess academic ability in reading, math, writing and oral language.
  • Woodcock: Intelligence tests to assess a wide range of cognitive ability.
Specific psychological educational assessment tests may be available upon request. We offer a psycho education testing package, complete with a custom report, for $2,700. This comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation report includes 3 tests of your choice as well as a follow-up meeting with our Psychologist to review the report findings in addition to options for future development. Individual psychological educational assessments may be performed for $1,000 each, and come complete with a private psychoeducational testing findings report and follow-up meeting with one of our psychologists.