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Anxiety and Childhood Stress

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Children with anxiety or stress can exhibit a number of difficult behaviors including, but not limited to outbursts, school avoidance, perseverations, excessive questions, resistance to activities, social isolation from peers and school related issues.

Through our combination of our integrative assessment at intake that includes gathering information regarding their daily activities, diet, sleep habits, and emotional assessment we can get an accurate take on possible interventions.

Utilizing a combination of play, cognitive-behavioral therapy, increases awareness of brain and body connection and mindfulness strategies, your child will learn how their brain and body are connected, how this impacts their emotional awareness, and learn effective strategies on handling this.

We use behavior systems and parent coaching to help with generalization of skills during the parent feedback component of sessions. Your therapist will help guide you on tools and strategies that can assist your child, as well as collaborate with any school or outside provider at your request.