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Behaved Brain is a holistic, pediatric, counseling practice that integrates cognitive-behavioral therapy with brain health concepts to provide the best counseling for kids as well as their families.

About Our Practice

Behaved Brain Wellness Center is a child adolescent therapy practice that looks to integrate holistic techniques and strategies to optimize the development and emotional well-being of the child. Through a combination of play therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy for kids, mindfulness, and an assessment of our “Brain Health Rainbow,” our team works individually with children and their families to create a personalized, goal-oriented plan so children can feel confident and their families can celebrate their children overcoming their struggles with emotional regulation.
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Our team of child adolescent therapists works with a variety of emotional struggles such as anxiety, depression, difficulty communicating feelings, oppositional defiance disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Emotional and behavioral struggles can impact all family members in different ways. At Behaved Brain, we look to provide child and family counseling through coaching parents to implement any behavior plans, emotional supports or wellness concepts that impact the child. Parental stress can also be a major trigger, especially in the current environment. We aim to provide the best counseling for kids, but we are also passionate about providing parents therapy and coaching.

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When you work with Behaved Brain for your child adolescent therapist, you will be assigned a therapist that is the right fit for your family at your consultation call. All of our therapists have experience working with children, are supportive, passionate and kind. Each 45-minute session will focus on both a child and parent component, to make sure goals are being addressed and communication is available. We utilize a number of visual systems, behavior tracking tools, and emotion support to help carry over what is discussed in each session.
A therapist writing in their notebook

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Why We're Different

Our integrative, evidence-based approach to child and family counseling sessions helps to address real issues the family is facing while offering actionable solutions to reach achievable goals. We strive to continually educate ourselves on current research of effective holistic healthcare strategies regarding behavioral therapy for kids so that we may educate the families we serve.

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