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Walking with Intention: A Mindfulness Technique

There are a number of ways we can incorporate mindfulness throughout our everyday lives. My favorite way to incorporate mindfulness is through walking. I engage in mindful walking every single morning and it is the best way to kick-start a positive, productive, and mindful day!

Mindful walking, also known as a walking meditation, is great for those who struggle with meditating while sitting still. It is also a great tool to utilize for those who are usually fidgety.  Mindful walking brings our attention into the whole process of walking, from acknowledging the connection between our feet and the ground, to noticing the sounds around us.

There are many different ways to engage in a mindful walk. I will lead you through my go-to way of engaging in one.

First, I pick a quiet time to engage in this walk. My favorite time of day to do this is early in the morning before all the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

Once you have established a time to take your walk, begin your walk UNPLUGGED. That’s right, NO ELECTRONICS.  Walking mindfully means that we are disconnected from distractions and instead, connected to our ourselves, our surroundings, and the Earth.

As you begin walking, go through the five senses, taste, smell, sound, sight, and touch. Begin noticing the different sensations you receive during your mindful walk. Notice any smells in the air such as the fresh Spring flowers. Notice any noises like the sounds of birds chirping. Bring your awareness to the sights around you, the color of the sky and the fullness of the trees. Bring your awareness to your mouth and tongue. Notice if your teeth are clenched and where your tongue is resting inside your mouth. Unclenched teeth and a tongue resting to the bottom of our mouths tends to occur when we are at rest or in a calm state. Lastly, bring your awareness to the sensations in your feet and legs with every step you take. Notice where your feet connect with the Earth. Notice how each step feels.

Reconnecting with ourselves, to the Earth, and to our surroundings can be so beneficial for our brain health and overall wellness. I hope this information serves you and you try to engage in a mindful walk this week. Namaste!

Let me know how you’re doing!
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