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Spring Cleaning and Cleansing our Bodies

Spring is finally here! The sunshine is now approaching, and some days are beginning to fill with rain. However, others are filled with flowers, and the start of warm fresh air. Finally, we are ready to put the winter behind us and move towards the fresh, new spring season. As we move into the seasonal change, it is time to get motivated, energized, and train our brains for a fresh new start. Let’s get cleaning!

As spring has come around, the importance of a cleansing and organizing the brain remains something we should all consider. How can we do a spring cleanse? How do we organize our brains to adjust to a new season? First and foremost, spring cleaning is essentially good for our mental health. As we all experience periods of stress, it affects the brain negatively. During periods of stress, our bodies also suffer and experience consequences. To begin a spring cleanse, let me begin by discussing the benefits of physical activity in the notion of actual cleaning. Physical activities such as moving, bending, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing produce endorphins to reduce stress. Furthermore, reducing stress can help improve your ability to sleep and boost your overall mood.

Spring Cleaning Tips

While spring cleanses may look different for everyone, here are some helpful tips and suggestions on how you can begin your spring-cleaning process. You can begin the spring-cleaning process on one of those rainy days in April if you want. It may be helpful to create a spring-cleaning checklist that includes cleaning all the rooms in the house, such as the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, smaller areas, etc. Within this checklist, you may have different goals for each room. Below I will provide an article with a spring-cleaning list to refresh your home. But remember, cleaning can take some time.

Furthermore, it is important to create a calendar for your indoor spring cleaning. You are setting goals on specific days with certain rooms and remembering to get your whole family involved. We can also make this spring-cleaning process fun and more enjoyable for everyone. You might be thinking, how can I make kids enjoy cleaning? You can, though, simply by creating a rewards system, showing your children how to clean, including music and movement in the process, and taking breaks.

Cleansing Our Bodies

Along with cleaning your house, it is essential for our health to also cleanse our bodies and our brains. You can begin this process by planning out your meals and trying to reduce sugars, processed foods, dairy, and hard-to-digest foods. Diet has a significant impact on energy levels, the brain, body, and overall mood. Along with diet, it is important to include keeping the body hydrating. As we approach warmer weather, our bodies need more water. As I mentioned before about creating a plan for cleaning your house, you can also create one for cleansing your bodies. This way, you can stay on track and set attainable goals for yourself and your family. Of course, it isn’t easy to eliminate everything from your diet, but a small start to changing up your diet can be helpful for you and your children.

The importance of diet and hydration, as we have discussed, could also benefit by incorporating healthy activities for our bodies. Diet may vary from person to person, depending on likes and dislikes. Overall, how can we get our bodies moving? There are many ways to exercise and be active. You can choose what best suits you and your family. Yoga, stretching, walking, playing outside, and even gardening are ways we can attempt to be more active.

As the weather gets nicer, we can encourage children to cut down on video games and screen time and go outside. You can even go outside with children and make family time to go on a hike, garden together, or even play a game outside. Sometimes it can be challenging to get children off video games or screens. Still, you can set up a system that works for your family—for example, encouraging children to go outside for an hour and then maybe when it is time for downtime, giving them some time to tune in to their screens or video games.


Making changes is easier said than done; however, taking that step to make a small start is a step to moving forward and adjusting to the spring season. Below I will list some articles on diets, hydration, keeping our bodies healthy, and activities to do outside. Your fresh beginning to spring is awaiting!