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It’s the holiday season and whether you’re a parent, a grandparent or a friend, there’s a good chance you will need to fulfill the Wishlist of a child in your life. And while their list to Santa may contain some less-than-desirable toys of the moment (L.O.L. Surpirise!, anyone?), you don’t have to settle for something without any inherent value.

STEM toys, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math, have become an entire category for buyers who want to provide their children with toys that deliver real brain benefits. And many of these “toys” even concentrate on modern technologies, like coding, robotics and inventing, to name a few. They’re so popular, Amazon has a whole category dedicated to them!

Here are a few we thought might be perfect for someone on your list:

GoldieBlox for girls

Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

Code-A-Pillar for future web designers

Makey Makey – An Invention Kit

If you aren’t sure which to purchase, you can also gift Amazon’s STEM Club Toy Subscription. For $19.99 per month, Amazon will deliver a new STEM toy each month to enjoy. You can even choose delivery every one, two or three months for a year-long gift that any child will love receiving!

For the holidays, there is nothing more exciting for a child than opening a physical gift. However, there are also gifts you can consider which are experiential, like purchasing tickets to a kid-friendly show, taking them to a local trampoline gym, or even bringing them to an arts and crafts class. Gifting something that provides exercise or hands-on learning is a gift any parent will appreciate.

For an easy gift that also provides physical benefits, consider purchasing a set of our “Behaved Brain Mindfulness Game” cards. This set includes an entire day’s worth of mindfulness activities, including breathing practices, exploration exercises and more. Head on over to our SHOP page to purchase yours now!