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With school out for the summer, children are more likely to grab for their tablets, phones or sit themselves in front of their favorite video game or television show.

While the struggle to set limits with technology can be daunting as a parent, it is critical for your child.  Screens can be a helpful tool to a parent, but they need to be used in moderation.  A lot of children today have lost the ability to keep themselves busy and use their imaginations.  Try to limit the use of technology to two hours a day, and (after the possible tantrums) sit back and watch your child grow their independence and imagination.

Many studies have determined a link between the use of electronics and behavior issues, oppositional behavior, difficulty focusing, struggles with learning, anxiety and sleep problems. Putting a time limit on screens may require more prompting from you as a parent, but your child will have a huge advantage with this limit being set.

The use of a play schedule or routine can be helpful.  Allow your child to be in control of what they want to play and when, but make sure the schedule has plenty of options (legos, dolls, outside play, puzzles, etc.) Your child should learn to play on his/her own, use their imagination, explore their creativity and develop vital independent skills.

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Katie Gately
Behaved Brain Wellness Center
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