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School Is Out For The Summer

As the school year comes to a close, parents may be looking forward to a break in the schedule and mundane routine the school year creates.  Trips to the beach, weeks at camp, summer bbqs with friends.  There is a lot to look forward to during summer. But for a child with anxiety, the summer can be an overwhelming and stressful time.

For the child with anxiety or behavior struggles, the break from school may sound thrilling, but once the lack of structure and routine hits, behaviors can increase.  They may struggle more with frustration, and that trip to the beach may transform into a high stress day of screaming and meltdowns.

This is because children require structure and planning. Parents can still have the fun trips planned, but make sure to prepare your child.  Have activities planned for car trips, pick out toys to play at the beach, drive by friends’ houses for bbqs or new camp buildings.  Talk about what the new day or week will look like.

The more preparation and control you provide your child, the more he/she will feel confident and prepared with the changes you are presenting.

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Katie Gately
Behaved Brain Wellness Center
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