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In a recent blog post (Evaluating Stress) I suggested trying to be more mindful of what causes stress. Sometimes, just identifying the problem, or being aware of how different events make you feel, can be powerful.

The idea of mindfulness is to focus on the present, and not allow these events to trigger stress, just to let them pass as moments of time, knowing another feeling will come.

I think there is a lot of power behind mindfulness, but it is also very challenging to get to this mindset, especially in our current world of constant demands, access to smartphones,  and increased scheduling ,etc.

Try some of these quick tips to get into more a mindful mood.  Most of these ideas won’t take longer than a few minutes, but it will help teach your mind to calm, when there is a constant level of stress.

  1. When you are drinking your morning coffee, tea, inhale the smell of the beverage right before you drink it. Then simply exhale. This simple act of deep breathing can help calm your state of mind., not to mention increase your blood flow.
  2. First thing in the morning, before you get up, think of one thing you want to accomplish, or one thing you are grateful for, before you start the day. This helps set a positive mindset before you start moving.
  3. If you have a moment alone, try to sit still for just a minute. This may feel pointless and uncomfortable, but it starts to train you to be present in the moment, without thinking of the list of things that await your attention.
  4. Before bed, reflect back on your day. Take five deep breaths before you go to sleep.  While falling asleep, listen to the noise around you.  Then close your eyes.
  5. If you feel that you can dedicate more than a minute, try to do some meditation. Insight timer has some great meditations, some long, some short, and you have the option of picking a subject that may be appropriate for you. Headspace is also a great app to look into.  The Internet has a number of free videos and guided meditations.

Try to make the commitment to do one of these a day for a week. If you are consistent, you may start to feel the benefits of calming yourself and quieting your mind.

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