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Enjoying The Upcoming Holiday Break

Who doesn’t love a break off from school? Free time to play, time away from homework, class work.  Parents. Parents do not always love a break off from school. Kids do well with structure and keeping busy, and a break from this structure can leave you feeling like a 24-hour cruise director.

Take this time to work on those independent play skills your child needs. This will give you the independent time you have been craving as well. Give them the opportunity to play on their own. While this may seem like an easy solution, not all children have the ability to self-play appropriately.  As a parent, you can make this easier by providing some guidelines.

Give them with an activity to start with. Some children feel overwhelmed by the idea of playing by themselves because of the open-ended concept of “what are they going to do?” or “they don’t have anything to do.” IF you provide the starting point, they may be able to continue it.

It can also be helpful to give them a clear end point.  You can set a timer or give them an “appointment” (designated time) that they can be done playing on their own.  This way, they won’t feel overwhelmed by needing to occupy their time for endless hours, just 20 minutes, or 1 hour, or whatever you feel your child can realistically handle.

Try not to allow this to be screen-time driven.  Play skills and imagination are a vital component to your child’s learning and development. This means hands- on play and exploration.

Enjoy this time with your children.  You can take them on the trips you never have time for, see family or friends you haven’t been able to see, or just sit back and play a game together. Remember, plan and prepare for success!

Let me know how you’re doing. Contact me for a family consultation.

Katie Gately
Behaved Brain Wellness Center
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