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The Four Functions of Behavior

As parents, sometimes it is difficult to know when your child is struggling behaviorally- you may ask yourself, is my child’s

A girl struggling with homework

Visual Tools for Homework

As the school year gets back into full swing and homework assignments start piling up, visual tools will help set you

A graphic of a rainbow colored brain

What is EF?

Executive functioning refers to the cognitive skills required to plan, organize, and execute activities. They are frontal lobe functions that begin

How Grounding Can Improve Behavior

Children are often told not what to do. We are more likely to emphasize their behaviors and their negative choices since

Grounding ADHD

For this blog, I wanted to touch on a topic that is becoming more and more familiar- ADHD. I have seen

Sibling Bickering in Summer

Summer has come, the schedule shifts, the weather is warm and we dream of peaceful days outside in the sun. Any

Should I Start Therapy?

Starting therapy is a big step, especially if you are unsure whether it is needed. You might be questioning your decision

Attachment Theory and Why it Matters

Anyone who has taken a Psychology course knows about attachment theory and developmental psychology. Studying monkeys and children fordecades have shown