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A Note to Mothers: Your Mental Health is Important

A Note to Mothers: Your Mental Health is Important

Dear Mother’s,

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of life and checking off all the “to-do lists.” Moms are especially good at taking care of it all: partner, children, pets, profession, house, volunteering for your children’s school, getting kids to appointments, and acting as the social planner of the family. This list really could go on. Recognizing all the work moms do, it’s just the beginning of the to-do list. It is extremely easy for mothers to let their own mental health go to the sidelines; there’s just so much that needs to get done right now! Even pre-pandemic, this was the case. We see mothers move mountains to get their children the help they need, all while neglecting the little voice in their head that says, “what about me?”

Major news resources, such as the New York Times, are constantly writing about mothers and the impact the pandemic has had on them. Some of the articles are “America’s Mothers Are in Crisis,” “How Society Has Turned Its Back on Mothers,” and “To Hear America’s Mothers, We Let Them Scream.” In the newest article,” Will Schools Open in the Fall?” the author makes a point to recognize that mothers of young children will continue to struggle with employment due to schools not being fully open. These articles zoom in on why mothering is complex and how the pandemic’s effects affect us moms. Even pre-pandemic, it was apparent moms were struggling to get it all done in a day while maintaining their identity and own mental stability. The pandemic amplifies everything mothers do while adding more responsibilities to support their children living through a pandemic.





All things considered, it is evident that mothers need help. Anxiety and depression are on the rise in our children, but they are on the rise with caregivers as well. You can only do so much before your needs begin to overflow and start impacting your relationships with your partner, children, friends, and, more importantly, your relationship with yourself. It is crucial to remember; you need support and comfort just like your children. You need a social life, just like your children. You need YOU, just like your children! It’s just so much easier to give all of this to them instead of seeking it out for yourself. But you cannot provide what you do not have.

As we head into Mother’s Day, take some time to think about what you need. What helps you feel refreshed? What helps you cope with all the feelings of being a mother living through a pandemic? What can you let go of; take off your to-do list? Who can you turn to for support? What makes you happy? Do more of that!

If you find yourself with feelings of hopelessness, please seek out help from a mental health professional. If you feel as if your worries are becoming too hard to handle, impacting your day, and how you relate to your loved ones, please seek professional support. You do not have to do this alone. It is possible to feel better.

Your mental health matters more now than it ever has.

A Fellow Mom