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5 Ways To Get Through The School Year

As the school year comes to a close, everyone is getting into “summer mode”. Use these 5 tips to get through the school year with less bumps, and behaviors.

1. Keep to the routine. With the weather getting warmer, everyone wants to be outside, and rightfully so, it has been a long winter! Resist changing your after-school routine. If the routine in colder weather was homework than play, stick to this. The sun stays up longer, so your children will be able to play and enjoy the weather after their homework is done.

2.Stick to the same bedtime. Increase in sports schedules and extended sunlight can make bedtime hours more challenging. School hours remain, and despite wanting to go to sleep later, your children need to get up at the same time. A tired child is a child prone to focus, behavior or anxiety issues. Make sure your child is getting the required amount of sleep for their age. For more information on this, check out my previous post on sleep.

3. Make a countdown to summer. Providing your children with a visual cue of how many days remain in the school year can help them mentally prepare for the rest of the year. They will also enjoy the control of crossing off the days till summer break.

4. Talk about summer plans. Now is the time to register for camp and summer activities. While summer often means a laid back schedule, most kids benefit from some time of routine. Start discussing options with your children to prepare them for the fun and routine that awaits. Some kids think summer means free time and open-ended screen time, so start the preparation now to avoid arguments later.

5. Enjoy the outdoors. Once homework is complete, or your after-school commitments are done, get outside and play. Now is the best time of year to explore nature, exercise and energize. These are the moments to sit back and enjoy all the hard work you put into being a parent and enjoy your happier children.

Let me know how you’re doing. Contact me for a family consultation.

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