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With all the new “toy of the year” marketing, it is difficult to determine what your child will really use.  If you want to help implement some healthy habits and create a calmer household, check out our gift guide.


The “chill sack” is a super-soft beanbag; this can be really great for a calm-down corner, or simply lounging and relaxing.

Meddy Teddy is a yoga bear and comes with his own book. This is a big favorite at our office

One of our favorite Yoga Books:

Zoon Zen Yoga story for kids.


Aromatherapy is such a great tool for relaxation, and can be diffused during homework time, or to help facilitate a calm bedtime. Below see the link to a great diffuser. Try using Lavender oil, or a calming blend. We use Doterra in the office, but young living is also good.

Mindfulness For Children

At Behaved Brain, we work with children on using mindfulness as a coping strategy to calm down, (one of many different tools). Here is a  great book on mindfulness for children.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Create a fun indoor obstacle course, and get some gross motor exercise.

Fat Brain Toys

Facilitate imagination and make a fun hideout with a fort builder.

Toys and Play from Lakeshore Learning

Play is so important, and kids don’t get enough of it today. SO much play is screen based. We love Lakeshore Learning for their great selection of toys, including pretend play. Try these sets:

Pet Vet Center

Career Costume Set

Play-All-Around Doll House

Washable Dress-Up Masks

Movie Night

Try this Movie Night Kit.

Family Games

Incorporating some family time is so great, and can really help reset the energy in your home. Try a family game night with some of these games:

Pirate Island

Charades For Kids

Robot Face Race

Peaceable Kingdom Woozle Builder

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island


Journaling is a great tool to facilitate creativity. Making their own helps kids feel more in control and will likely help them use this great therapy tool.

More Gift Ideas

Another great gift idea is art kits and science kits. These are fun, hands-on activities that you can all do together, and help kids learn.

A lot of holiday gift buying is about balance. Make sure that you are getting things that can expand your kid’s knowledge, and make it fun. Think of what your child is interested in; building, movie-making, art, and try to expand on this.

There are monthly clubs to subscribe to as well, Little Passports, STEM clubs, as well as Art  Clubs that send monthly kits to your kids and keep the excitement of getting a  gift monthly going.

Also, think of activities your kids want to try; horseback riding, yoga, art classes, acting classes, tennis lessons.  If it is something that is usually outside of your budget, giving these as a gift can help your children appreciate the experience more than being pushed into an activity. If there is a day trip or vacation you have been longing to take, consider gifting this to your kids, it will give them something to look forward to once the excitement of the holidays calms down.

Happy Holidays!

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