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Your Child The Visual Learner

Children learn from what they see.  In this study done by the University of Iowa known as “The Cookie Monster Study”, researchers summarize the power of visual learning in children. Children who watched the video of Cookie Monster waiting, were able to wait significantly longer than the control group, and apply the techniques Cookie Monster used in the video.

How can we apply this to our daily lives as parents? Monitor what your children are watching.  Are they watching television that is going to add to their knowledge or help teach them coping skills? Or are they watching television programs that are funny, but less stimulating?  Keeping an eye on their use of screen time and what they are viewing is a good way to make sure they are learning through watching.*

*Note it is important to monitor screen time with your child. Many studies suggest a link between behavior and focus issues with over-use of screen time. Everything in moderation.

-American Academy of Pediatrics suggests no more than 2 hours daily.

Also, challenge yourself  to be more aware of what behavior you are modeling.  If you are on your phone or in front of your screen often, expect the same behavior from your child. If you tend to become angry and yell, expect them to be angry and yell. If you don’t eat your dinner, your child will not eat. It is important to model the emotional reaction you expect from your child.  Most parents are not aware of the power they hold in changing their own behavior.

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Katie Gately
Behaved Brain Wellness Center
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