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What’s In Your Water?

Unfortunately, we don’t always know what is in our water.  We try to drink the cleanest water, but there are chemicals that may leak into water supply, from plastics, or your water may be treated with minerals that can be acidic to the body.

Recently, while reading about water and health I decided to try a reverse-osmosis system in my own home.  We were drinking out of plastic in our family, and I knew that this was not the most optimal water for my family. I called a local company that came highly recommended (http://www.pur2o.com)

Antonio (the owner) was beyond professional, offers a variety of payment plans and delivers amazing customer service. Within a week my family was drinking clean, filtered water.  The system I installed focused on filtering out the unwanted, potentially toxic materials from the water, and adding back in the hydrogen and alkalizing minerals back into the water-the water tastes great too! Now my family is drinking clean water out of stainless steel water bottles, and I feel like I took one tiny step forward towards wellness.

Recently, we installed the same system in our Ho-ho-kus office, so all our clients can have the benefit of clean water as well!

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