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Welcome Back: Transitioning Into A New School Year

With summer coming to an end, it is time to get ready to send the kids back to school. Sounds great, right? It depends.

With summer ending, we must get ourselves, and our kids, back into a routine. That means waking up early, packing lunches, fitting in homework, planning after school activities, and – of course – spending quality time with each other. The “return to school phase” can be a stressful time, not only on parents, but also on children. To have a successful transition into the school year, it is important to prepare for this shift.

After a long, relaxing summer off, it is helpful to prepare ourselves for the return to school with a few intentional changes. Here are a few ideas on how to adjust to the “back to school routine” to avoid stress, negative behaviors, and/or a meltdown.

  • Practice your routine. Set your alarms to ‘practice’ waking up and getting the day started.
  • Create visual schedules for your children as a reminder of what they need to do each day. Our free, downloadable behavioral and routine charts are a great way to organize goal setting and get the kids to perform their daily tasks.
  • Create a visual schedule for all family members to see. Color-coordinate each member of the family. Set a time to do a weekly review of the calendar with everyone to ensure they are aware of the upcoming events and any changes that might be coming that week.
  • Meal prep on Sundays, or a day that is best for you. This can help you to spend more time each night with your kids instead of preparing dinner, or packing lunches. This will also help to keep your meals healthy instead of opting for on-the-go meals. Our Healthy Plate Food Chart is a helpful tool for planning wholesome meals.
  • Remember to include an activity that helps you relax. Your children feed off of your energy, therefore, if you are stressed, they will also feel this. Try incorporating mindfulness activities into your daily routine, whether it is when you are walking, eating, or even brushing your teeth! Check out these 5-minute mindfulness activities from Working Mother.

Even with a concerted effort and emphasis on the transition into the new school year, negative behaviors and attitudes may find their way into your home. With 6 different family therapy packages, we have options for every family and need. For more information regarding our packages and ongoing workshops, call 201-857-5380 or email wellness@behavedbrain.com.

Be Well,

Jen Mayo, Psy.D

Jen is a Licensed Psychologist by the State of New Jersey and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who specializes in working with children and adolescents. Jen incorporates family and school consultation to enhance the individual’s well-being.