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Travel Essentials for your Holiday Homage

“Over the river and through the woods!” is a song we used to sing, as we traveled with our parents to visit loved ones over the holidays. And while that nostalgic image brings a feeling of warmth to many, the thought of traveling with little ones today is slightly less glamorous. Luckily, we have technology (and information at our fingertips) that we only dreamed of during our childhood.

Travel is inherently difficult to predict. Traffic, delays, mishaps and weather can all impact how easily you and your family get to where you’re going, compounding issues during an already “uncomfortable” outing. But preparing in advance can really enhance the entire experience for the better. Here are some of our top tips for traveling like a pro this holiday season.

Easy Entertainment

Whether using a touch-screen tablet or portable DVD player, have age-appropriate entertainment available for your kids during long car or plane rides. It will help them “tune in” to their program and “tune out” the long ride. Don’t forget to include individual earphones so mom and dad can enjoy a bit of quite time together!


For little ones, bring some of their favorite small toys to play with. Another trick is to pack a new toy that you know they will love. Not only will they love the “present”, but a new toy will keep them entertained longer than a years-old mechanism that’s lost its luster.

Snack Packing

Pack some snacks for the crew that everyone will love. Especially if you notice any cranky behavior, a tasty snack will help to turn that mood right around.

Take a Rest

Kids love rest stops! If you have a particularly long ride, build in a stop at an interstate hub or convenience store. This will provide a psychological break from a monotonous drive, and you can fill them up with a snack or small toy, too!

There are lots of ways to ensure that your holiday travel plans go off smoothly when you plan in advance. For more helpful tips, visit Parents.com and read through some of their creative ideas for holiday travel!