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Spring Clean You Week 4 Challenge – Our Home

In our Spring Clean You for week challenge, we have worked on cleaning our minds, working towards a healthier body, and reorganizing our schedules so we don’t feel stressed.  This week, let’s take the first step to feeling less over-whelmed in our homes.

Our brains take in the environment we are surrounded by. That is why you can walk into a crowded restaurant and start to feel stressed, or you may feel panicked when you arrive home to a messy sink or crowded living room.

Week 4 Challenge:
Let’s look to eliminate some of the clutter in our home environment.

There are books, upon books about decluttering.  The act of organizing your home can take weeks, and can be very daunting. This week, reflect on what space in your home brings you the most stress. Is it your kitchen counter? Your purse? Your car? Once you decide what is causing you stress, schedule a hour or two to de-clutter.

You can clean out anything you don’t need in the space, and spend time pursuing Pinterest for ways to organize this area of your home.  When you are finished, reflect on how it feels to have this organized space.  Is this something that helps you feel calm? Do you feel more in control?

Our children’s mind’s work in very similar ways.  Their brains crave structure and organization. They feel stress when you are stressed.  Reflect on how this month made you feel, but think back to any changes you saw in your children? Did they enjoy the family walk? Are they requesting any healthier foods? Or, maybe they like the way your car is clean?

Give yourself a pat on the back, as you have finished a month of making yourself, hopefully a cleaner, calmer parent. Thus, helping your child become better!

Let me know how you’re doing. Contact me for a family consultation.

Katie Gately
The Behaved Brain
Healthier Kids – Happier Parents