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Spring Clean You Week 2 Challenge – Your Body

We could dedicate a whole month to cleaning our bodies, but this week, let’s just work on increasing our awareness and doing something great for ourselves, the parent.

 Look to increase you daily intake of fruits and vegetables, whether this is in the morning smoothie, or adding veggies to your plate at dinner.
2. Look to decrease your intake of something unhealthy. This could mean trading in your ice cream desert for a piece of fruit, or skipping the pizza for a salad.

Each small step we take towards our health and well-being encourages to take another.

If you enjoy exercise, or even if you don’t, try to take a family walk one day after dinner. Perhaps, try an exercise video or walk with a friend while the kids are in school.  This little steps can become habits, and lead to a healthier, cleaner you.

Share your progress on our Facebook Page and I’ll see you in Week 3.

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Katie Gately
The Behaved Brain
Healthier Kids – Happier Parent