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Many parents under estimate the importance of sleep.  If your child is tired, this is going to affect their emotional and academic functioning.

When children sleep, it is important that they get the recommended amount of time per night for overall brain health.  For preschoolers (age 3-5 years) the requirement is 11-13 hours per night and for school-aged children (6-13 years) the requirement is 9-11 hours per night.  With the academic and after school scheduling demands, it may be difficult to accommodate these recommendations.  I would suggest evaluating commitments and cutting back on activities affecting sleep requirements.

Research has linked sleep problems with mood swings, behavioral problems, focus issues, hyperactivity and cognitive challenges. If you are experiencing any of these difficulties with your child, perhaps sleep could be a contributing factor.

Try to teach your child healthy sleep habits and create a calm bedtime routine.  Educate your child on the importance of sleep. Make their bedroom a calm, relaxing and electronic free space.

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Katie Gately
Behaved Brain Wellness Center
Healthier Kids – Happier Parent