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How To Handle School Issues

At this point in time, your child has settled into the new routine of getting up for school. They are most likely being assigned homework and may have had their first test.  As the month continues, school issues or difficulties may begin to emerge.

It is important to have an open dialogue with school staff. Start this communication early and pleasantly. Make sure you are asking about homework and spending a few minutes sharing your concerns with your child’s teacher.  This way, you are facilitating a team approach and communicating that you are an active parent, open to hearing feedback in regards to your child.

If you notice your child struggling with homework or any academic concepts, make sure you send an email communicating these difficulties to the school. You do not want to bombard their inbox, but it is in the best interest of your child for their teacher to be made aware of any academic or emotional struggles you see at home.

Now may also be the time when school anxiety may emerge.  Look for signs of school avoidance, avoiding activities or meltdowns in the mention of homework or school.  Make sure you are aware of your child’s baseline behavior, that way if your child acts out of the ordinary you will be able to  pinpoint what is different.

If your child is struggling, or you are noticing any of these behaviors, start keeping a journal to document particular times or triggers your child is having a hard time with.  This will help you communicate more clearly with school staff, as well as provide a future therapist information if needed.

Hope the school year is treating you well!

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Katie Gately
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