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Our lives as parents quickly become chaos

Running around in the morning to get out the door to school; work; our adult commitments;  making sure everyone is getting where they need to be. We are pulled in 10 different directions, multi-tasking our lives and the lives of our families.  It is not easy.

The problem with the way our lives are today is that it breeds stress.

Stress triggers disease, negativity and stress is contagious.  Have you ever come home or woken up in a bad mood? One of those moods where you want to scream every time someone talks to you? How are those mornings? My guess is, more likely than not, those mornings everyone ends up being cranky, a fight breaks out and you end up running late.  These mornings, and stressful lifestyles are very unhealthy for our brains, and our children’s brains.

It is easy to say that things need to change, because you already know that.

But how do you change them? Where do you start? How are you going to fit in more into your already busy day?  The great part about setting a goal, is once you decide you want to change, its just about taking the first step.


Acknowledge there is a problem, it’s the famous first step in any Alcohol Anonymous program, acknowledge there is a problem.  Are you able to say that your stress level isn’t healthy? What is a healthy stress level?

I would say that when you are running through life, forgetting the happy moments, battling or rushing more than you are appreciating…its time to re-evaluate.

So ask yourself

  • Do I feel happy with my life? Are there any aspects that cause stress and I want to change?
  • What am I doing to take care of myself? How many hours of sleep am I getting?
  • Do I have enough energy to manage my demands?
  • How often am I yelling or modeling stress for my children?
  • Are my children showing signs of stress? Are they sleeping? Do they seem anxious or overwhelmed with their schedules or are they usually expressing positive aspects of their day?
  • How much time are we spending together as a family? Is this the amount of time I am happy with?

Being able to reflect on your stress and lifestyle will be helpful in targeting what aspects of your life need adjusting.

As always, we are here for a consult to help create a healthier brain environment, and a  more peaceful space!

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Katie Gately
Behaved Brain Wellness Center
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