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Cleaning Your Home & Clearing Your Mind

Winter is coming … we mean cleaning!

As the winter months approach, decluttering and organizing your home is a great way to help both you and your family feel more calm and comfortable. And since the weather has abruptly shifted to winter, you know you will be spending a lot more time indoors! Considering all the time you’ll be spending there, it’s a great personal goal to begin to plan out a way to organize the space that the family will be nesting in during the long winter months.

With the onset of shorter days and colder temperatures, it’s easy to feel the wintertime blues. But, having a tidy home can actually cheer you up and make you feel happier and more comfortable. Seeing clutter in your home can and does have a negative impact on your brain and emotional well-being.

Disorganization makes us feel tired, and just looking at it can even make us feel guilty and stressed out. Decluttering will not only clear your living space, it will also help clear your mind, help you to feel more at ease, and help fight off that winter fatigue. If you want to know about why decluttering is so good for your mental health, check out this article!

Cleaning and organizing doesn’t have to be only for adults. As parents, you can and should get your kids involved in a few ways. For one, let the kids help when it’s time to clean up! If they make a mess with their toys, make sure they clean up those toys that they played with. Also, teaching your kids to clean up each toy when they are done before moving onto a new one will help minimize some of the clutter in your house.

Second, conduct a daily toy-pick-up to keep up with your clean home. Having a bin in each room that the kid’s toys and games can go in makes everything a lot easier as well. Kids will know that they can put their things right in the bin and, voila, they’re done! Also, make sure to set firm rules about food staying in the kitchen only. This will minimize cleaning up crumbs, wrappers and food leftovers. To learn how to master keeping your house organized, check out our blog on it!

When cleaning and organizing your child’s room or play space, make sure to always have bins and shelving that are reachable for them. Having a flexible storage and organizational system that can adjust with their height is ideal, so your child can always help keep their space clean – no matter what age. Try to avoid lids because it will prevent your child from putting things away since it’s an extra step. Also, organize things by color and label the bins to make this process and upkeep as easy as possible for everyone.

Cleaning and organizing isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or hard. Incorporate a system to be able to upkeep your home’s cleanliness so it won’t be a stressful job when it is time to do the cleaning. Make sure to get the whole family involved because this can double as a family bonding experience as well. Keeping your home decluttered, clean and organized will alleviate a lot of negative energy and feelings. Trust us, your brain will thank you!

Nicole Huertas

LPC, Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor