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Natural Consequences

Natural Consequences As a parent, there is a natural pressure to help our children grow up knowing right from wrong and

Mindfulness in Parenting

Mindfulness in Parenting You’ve set your alarm to wake up early to have a cup of coffee alone as you plan

Movement and Mental Health

Movement and Mental Health Can you think of a time when you were encouraged to join a family member on a

Healing-Based Conversations

Healing-Based Conversations After having a disagreement with a loved one, sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is bringing the

mother playing cards with kids

Present Parenting

Present parenting – what does it mean? It’s not so much a gift to one person – but a gift you

positive reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement

There is a lot of buzz about positive reinforcement and parenting. As parents, we are left feeling torn between implementing consequences

kids & Anxiety

When children act out, it’s typically for a reason. We have seen a huge increase in behavior spikes, rigidity, and defiance