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5 Ways to Maximize Health in the Winter

Winter is upon us, and with the decrease in sunlight and outside activities, our vitamin D levels are down and our moods can go down, too. See our latest blog post on Vitamin D here.  Winter, while some feel is cold and depressing, can be a great time to take advantage in restoring yourself, and recharging for the busy spring schedules can bring.

Keep Moving

The expectations of exercise and movement change in the winter. It is not realistic that you, or your family will be able to get outside every day in cold temperatures. Children still need movement to get their energy out, but this can look very different from their sports games and swimming pool parties.

Take a yoga class. Many yoga studios have family yoga events. When your Friday nights are calmer and less jam-packed, winter is a great time to have some fun balancing and meditating together. Stay tuned for our family-yoga event in February.

Do fun workout videos, try out a new gym class, or sign your kids up for trial karate classes, dance classes or even try some skiing or winter activities.  It’s a great time to try some new indoor activities.  Here are some links to indoor workout videos:

Go Noodle


Fitness Blender

Cosmic Yoga

Take advantage of the weather and rest

Re-create your bedtime routine. Go to bed early. Have pajama days on the weekend. Stay in and have lazy Sundays making breakfast. Take a break from technology. Sleep in. Winter is a great time to relax, stay indoors and enjoy one another. Reconnect as a family with some quality time.  You may be surprised at how well rested you feel after a weekend of enjoying one another, without the distractions of over-packed schedules and screens.

Think about your diet choices

Winter is not a time for salads and tropical fruits. It’s a time to enjoy slow-cooking, soups, stews and warming meals. Simmer some chicken soup, try a new stew recipe. Look to add carrots, potatoes, or turnips to a recipe. Spend time cooking together and having your children spend time in the kitchen trying new things.

WebMD has some great tips for encouraging kids to eat healthier. It is so powerful to include children in their food choices, and help them feel in control. Spend some time including them in their healthy choices, and cooking up some of the recipes they select. You will be surprised at what they are willing to try.

Here are some of our favorite warming recipes:

Tuscan Chicken Soup

Beef Stew with Potatoes and Green Beans

Easy Slow Cooker Meatballs

Winter Green Beans and Bacon

Organize a healthy routine

Evaluate what you are spending your time on. Look at what you would like to add or take away. Is there anything you feel is missing in your day-t0-day? Do you have a well-established self-care routine? Do you feel you are snapping at the kids and need some more time to re-charge? Are you behind on a work project? Or feeling you need to re-connect with a family routine?

Establish what you are happy with and what you feel is missing. Write out your week and try to time-block your schedule.  The more organized you are with your schedule, the calmer and happier you will feel. Feel free to use our weekly organizer for help organizing your routine.

Plan a fun future

Winter can start to feel it is going on forever, especially in the Northeast. Start looking towards the Spring months and put a fun trip, family event or activity on the calendar. Start planning your Spring garden, schedule a museum trip or even a movie night. Giving yourself something to look forward to can help get over the lull of winter.

Stay warm, stay relax and enjoy yourself! Happy Winter!

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